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Technical Training Bursary

The Board of the Electrical Industry Bursary Fund has granted temporary reprieve to all apprentices from the requirement to attend union meetings in order to qualify for the Technical Training Bursary. All apprentices who successfully complete a term of technical training after March 1, 2020 and until the reprieve is lifted will be eligible to receive the $500 bursary, as well as reimbursement of required textbooks. All the following information still applies, except for the requirement to attend union meetings during the reprieve window.

We always encourage members to attend their unit meetings. The temporary meeting requirement reprieve may end at any time; it is especially important to ensure you have your meeting credits in hand now for when you'll need them soon. Unit meetings are held monthly in-person at the Union Hall in Port Coquitlam for Lower Mainland members, or alternating between Kelowna and Penticton for members in the Okanagan. If you are not receiving the meeting invite and link, send an email to

Technical Training Bursary

IBEW 213 Apprentice members in good standing who are active and engaged in the Local and have successfully completed a term of technical training are eligible to receive a $500 bursary, and reimbursement of their required textbook.

One bursary is available for each term of technical training (i.e., EW – 2, EW – 3, EW – 4) for a total of three bursaries throughout your apprenticeship. Union activity and engagement is measured by Union meeting attendance.

In order to be eligible, you must have attended four (4) union meetings within the twelve (12) months preceding the successful completion of a term of technical training.

For example, if you complete a term of school on March 13, 2020, you must have attended four (4) union meetings between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 to be eligible.

Union meetings include the monthly Unit meetings, as well as Local 213 Orientation/Initiation, and the Communications and Mentorship Matters classes offer through the EJTC. At this time, no other meetings, committee meetings, or volunteer activity qualify as Union Meetings for the purposes of the bursary. This may be subject to change.

Textbook Reimbursement

IBEW 213 apprentice members in good standing who have met the eligibility requirements of the Apprentice Technical Training Bursary are eligible for reimbursement of their required textbooks for each term of technical training. Apprentice members are also eligible for reimbursement of one (1) Code Book per apprenticeship.

Only the following required textbooks will be reimbursed:

Electrical Apprentice Level 2

  • Exercise Booklet
  • Lab Projects
  • Troubleshooting with Prints & Drawings - Commercial

Electrical Apprentice Level 3

  • Exercise Booklet
  • Lab Projects
  • Troubleshooting with Prints & Drawings - Industrial

Electrical Apprentice Level 4

  • Lab Manual
  • Theory Review

See attached for sample of current eligible textbooks and code book: PDF Link

For more information, please review these frequently asked questions:

I was reimbursed for a Code Book, but it has since been updated. Can I apply for reimbursement of the updated Code Book?
Only one (1) Code Book will be reimbursed per apprenticeship.

My technical training course has recommended textbooks. Are those eligible for reimbursement?
Only the required textbook is eligible for reimbursement.

How do I qualify?
Your eligibility for the textbook reimbursement claim is the same as your technical training bursary, and your claim will be filed along with and at the same time as your bursary application.

What if I failed my technical training? Can I still claim my textbooks?
In order to be eligible for textbook reimbursement you must successfully complete a term of technical training. If you fail the technical training, you are not eligible for textbook reimbursement.

How do I file a claim?
Before you finish your term of technical training, you must submit copies of your receipts to the IBEW 213 office. We need to receive your receipt within 90 days of the completion of your term of technical training or your reimbursement may be denied.

Please send clear images of your receipts by email to

Your original receipt(s) may be requested to complete your claim. Keep your original receipt(s) safe until you receive your reimbursement cheque.

When will I receive my textbook reimbursement cheque?
Your textbook reimbursement cheque is processed and issued along with your bursary, and you should receive your textbook reimbursement along with your bursay cheque within two- to three-months after the last day of your technical training.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?
Bring your questions to your next Unit 2 (Lower Mainland) or Unit 5 (Okanagan) meeting, and don't forget to sign in so you get credit for attending the meeting.