Construction Site Hygiene

Construction Site Hygiene

COVID-19 has brought the hygiene practices at construction sites into laser focus. If you see something please say something!

The BC Building Trades is calling for a public inquiry into construction site sanitation.

It's important to know that WorkSafe BC occupational health and safety regulations require workplaces to have either fixed or portable washroom facilities that include provisions for hand-washing, and that these must be kept in clean and sanitary condition. Similar provisions apply to where workers consume food (lunchrooms).

You have the right in B.C. to refuse unsafe work if you believe these conditions are not being met and present an undue hazard. If you are being asked to work unsafely:

1. Complete this form: Worksite Safety Report 
Your report is anonymous. We collect your email address only in order to follow up with you in case we need more information.


2. Call WorkSafe BC at 604-276-3100 (Lower Mainland) or 1-888-621-7233 (toll free).

This is about your safety.