Update Regarding CMSG Picket Line

Canadian Merchant Services Guild (CMSG) set up a picket line at Vancouver Shipyard on Thursday, August 25. On Friday, August 26, Vancouver Shipyards Co. filed an application with the Labour Relations Board.

A hearing was held on short notice Friday. To give time for all the parties to prepare legal arguments, the Vice Chair adjourned the hearing until yesterday, and, much to our dismay, in the meantime ordered that Poly Party members cease and desist honouring the CMSG picket line and return to work.

The hearing concluded at 1:35 p.m. today, August 31; however, the Vice Chair is now deliberating the submissions filed by all legal councils before rendering their decision

Until we receive the decision, the Vice Chair's order from Friday, August 25 remains in place. We will update you with any developments as they occur.

Note: the Board's order only applies to IBEW 213 members who are dispatched to Vancouver Shipyards and only the picket line at the Vancouver Shipyards worksite.

Read the order attached (PDF)

If there are any questions, please contact your Assistant Business Managers:

Mandeep Saggu
Mike Logan