Important Notice: Board Order Regarding CMSG Picket Line

Canadian Merchant Services Guild (CMSG) set up a picket line at Vancouver Shipyard on Thursday, August 25, and we would like to thank all the members who honoured the picket line and stood by these members.

Vancouver Shipyards Co. filed an application with the Labour Relations Board alleging that Poly Party members refusing to cross a legal picket line should be considered an illegal strike. Obviously, the Poly Party disagrees with this position.

A hearing was held August 26, and the Vice Chair has ordered the hearing to be adjourned until Tuesday, August 30 so legal councils can better prepare, and that Poly Party members cease and desist honouring the CMSG picket line and return to work.

We are very unhappy with the Board's order. However; we are obligated by this order to instruct all members dispatched to Vancouver Shipyards to report for your shifts as normal. If there is a picket line which impedes you, you are obligated by the Board's order to cross it. Members who do not report to work due to the picket line may be subject to discipline by the company.

Note: the Board's order only applies to IBEW 213 members who are dispatched to Vancouver Shipyards and only the picket line at the Vancouver Shipyards worksite.

The Board's order will remain in place until the hearing has been concluded. Watch this space and your email for further developments. If you have not provided your current email address to the union office please do so now. You can update your profile by logging into the website, or by contacting support staff 604-571-6500

Read the order attached (PDF)

If there are any questions, please contact your Assistant Business Managers:

Mandeep Saggu
Mike Logan