Formal Review of WCB

A formal, independent review of the workers' compensation system is currently underway, and this week IBEW 213 Assistant Business Manager & Advocate Christina Brock presented at the WCB Review Hearing on behalf of the Local for a worker-centered approach to change.

Sister Brock focused on restoring balance for the workers of British Columbia. She asked to reinstate all the rights the BC Liberals stole when they came into power in 2001, and to return to a time when workers are treated with dignity and respect. Sister Brock also sought additional improvements from Paul Petrie's recommendations to the Workers' Compensation Board of Directors.

You have the opportunity to contribute, too!

From now until July 19, 2019, you can:

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Attend an in-person, public hearing in communities throughout the province. For a list of dates and locations, visit this page:

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